Rockin’ On The Porch…

welcomeWho Is The Front Porch Gourmet?

The Front Porch Gourmet was created to blend family recipes, great restaurants and fabulous products with Southern humor. We discuss everything from planning and preparation of 30 minute weeknight meals to elaborate, five and seven course weekend dinner parties, romantic meals for two and meals that can feed a family of five.

The Front Porch is a place to learn about food & wine, the latest gourmet products and the most spectacular restaurants along the East Coast and beyond. It’s our mission to share the absolute best the epicurean world has to offer. Some days we will be Southern & Sassy and other days New York Classy. So grab your mixing bowls, whisks and Kitchen Aid mixers ….it’s a fun ride and there’s always a rocker on The Front Porch for YOU!

12233549_10153389489358853_555040820_nAUTHOR | Melissa Pelkey-Hass

Melissa grew up in rural South Carolina and was born with a whisk in her hand. Over the years, her love for cooking and competition has been carefully crafted into an award-winning obsession. She uses her culinary skills to compete in cooking and recipe competitions locally and nationwide. Her craft has earned over 320 State Fair Blue Ribbons, 160 Red Ribbons and titles of Spam Champion, Fleishman’s Yeast Baking Champion, Hidden Valley Ranch Recipe Winner, and the Chicago Cutlery’s “The Cut” Sandwich National Grand Champion to name a few.

Melissa has had over 100 recipes published in national publications such as “Taste of Home”, “Southern Living”, and “Healthy Cooking” books and magazines. She created The Front Porch Gourmet to give her friends, family and readers a place to talk food, feel at home and share a little Southern humor. She likes to share all types of recipes from Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken to an elaborate Beef Wellington. Melissa is a devoted wife to her husband Keith and together they have raised 3 amazing kids, are completely enamored with their four grandchildren and are servants to “Princess Onyx”, the Great Dane! When asked why she feels the need to share her passion for cooking with others, she simply replies, “Ya know, life is too short to eat ugly food.”

Let Us Know what you think, and what you would like to see in upcoming posts from The Front Porch Gourmet!

4 thoughts on “Rockin’ On The Porch…”

  1. You have a lovely blog and some scrumptious food on here!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Martha Franks said:

    Melissa, what a neat blog! I met you Tuesday at Leaning Ladder and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better through this blog, fb and hopefully, some of your classes!


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