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Salads in a Jar

Football Tailgating starts NOW! With so many decadent treats focused around football, I thought we would start with a delicious and healthy salad that you can pack to go anywhere. This is just such a NEAT idea!!

Take Along Fruit and Garden Salad

Lettuce or greens of choice
Salad “fixins” of choice
Dressing of choice
Fruit of choice
Mason Jars (1 for each person)

Begin by adding dressing to your clean mason jar. Add just enough for one salad as this method coats your fruit and vegetables very well. Here I used a bleu cheese vinaigrette.

Next layer your “hard” vegetables such as carrots, cherry or grape tomatoes, bell peppers, asparagus etc. Most salad veggies will fall in this category. You add these next as the dressing will marinate these veggies. I used cucumber, carrots, onion and grape tomatoes.

Next add your lettuce or greens of choice. I used Iceberg mixed with romaine for this salad.

Top with mixed fruit or fruit of choice. I used mandarin oranges, and fresh blueberries. I also added a handful of sunflower seeds and brought along a Ziploc snack bag of croutons.

Place lid on your salad and voila! Make sure the jars remain in an upright position as to not mix your dressing too early. When you are ready to serve your salad, shake vigorously. You can then pour onto a plate or eat it right from the jar! This makes a nice big salad, even in a pint jar, so if you have other goodies to add to this, I’d split one jar between two people easily.

Again, you can get really creative with this and add shrimp, chicken, a wedge salad, grilled Cesar…the possibilities are endless! This is also a great way to take your salad to work. WHO doesn’t have at least ONE mason jar!?!

I love easy.

Bon appetit y’all!