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Jingles McTinslepants. That’s my elf name 🙂 I also have a reindeer name, my own personalized Ms. Claus apron, and my house looks like a Christmas explosion during the holidays. I also have my very own “leg lamp” in the game room from “A Christmas Story”…the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.

Leg Lamp

I can’t help myself! I LOVE the holidays!

The very best thing about the holidays is time with family and friends. I know it’s cliche’ but its so true. These days we tend to get so busy and wrapped up in our lives trying to fit 25 hours in a 24 hour day that we tend to take very important things…and people…for granted.

The best part about Thanksgiving this year was time and visits from family and friends. We were fortunate to have my mother in law with us, Hass’ youngest son, and our dear friend James from High school. That was quite an accomplishment considering our family is currently spread out over three states and add friends and you’ve added an additional country. I’m not even kidding. To have this many in one place at one time was quite a Thanksgiving blessing and we were incredibly thankful.


I was also incredibly thankful that James loves to cook! Over the holidays not only did I get to share my kitchen with Kris, but I also got to share with James! For not one, but TWO meals! TALK about blessings! And all I had to do was sit and drink…or add…no really, drink…the wine! And my wine, er, uh, blessings, overfloweth!

Before we get started… James explains.

I’ll leave this up to your imagination!

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James/JJ/Jim’s Incredibly Amazing Shrimp Bisque


4 cups Knorr Fish Bullion broth ( have two cups on hand and ready in case you need to thin out the soup after the blending process)

Three large red peppers Chopped

2 lg green peppers Chopped

One large yellow onion Chopped

Seven large cloves of garlic Minced

4 stocks of celery, cleaned and peeled Chopped

¼ cup Olive Oil

1.5 tsp Old Bay

1 bay leaf

2 lbs shrimp, divide in two

1.5 tsp Kosher Salt

1 tsp black pepper

¼ cup Sherry

Juice of half a lemon.

All purpose Flour Don’t know amount. Check out the description.

20131128_182302_resized 20131128_182231_resized

20131128_185959_resized 20131128_190120_resized


In a big pot bring the Olive Oil up to a medium temp and then add all the veggies, Salt, Pepper. STIR, Reduce heat to low, low med and cover for 15 minutes. Should be a VERY low simmer.

After 15 min check and see if the veggies have released all their liquid. If not then keep covered until they do. You can add a ¼ cup of Fish Boulion to help loosen things up a little.

Once veggies are all mushy and released their liquid start, GRADUALLY, stirring in the flour. Add enough flour to absorb the liquid and continue to stir and cook on low heat until mixture browns slightly (3minutes)

SLOWLY mix in the rest of the Fish Boulion until it is completely incorporated.

Add 1lb of shrimp, Old Bay and then blend with a hand blender. Add Broth if you need to.

Add bay leaf and cover and simmer under low heat for 10 minutes

Stir in the rest of the shrimp, take off of heat and cover for 10 minutes.

Salt, Pepper and Old bay to taste.

Add lemon juice

Add Sherry


It’s gorgeous y’all!


Now for breakfast!


James’ Eggs in the Clouds

1 can grands flaky biscuits – no other will work

6 raw eggs – scrambled or yolk in-tact

diced country ham

grated cheddar cheese

20131129_083745_resized 20131129_084520_resized

20131129_084742_resized 20131129_084937_resized


On a foil lined baking sheet, form bowls with each biscuit. Fill with either scrambled or yolk in-tact egg. Top with diced ham, then cheese. Bake according to package directions until bread and eggs are done. Enjoy!


And the best part…my clean up crew!

Clean up crew

…and then the absolute VERY best part.


I like holidays. I love friends and family. Bon appetit y’all.