I can cook SPAM. Really well it seems. As a matter of fact, I am a Great American SPAM champion. Who knew?

I was raised on SPAM. I actually LIKE SPAM. 

Did you know…

  1. Hawaii is the largest consumer of SPAM and SPAM products?
  2. A convenient source of protein that required no refrigeration, 100 million pounds of Spam were shipped to Allied troops during World War II. Russian president Nikita Kruschev is quoted as saying, “Without Spam, we wouldn’t have been able to feed our army.” The emblematic hard-times food has recently surged in sales again thanks to our crummy economy.
  3. To show support for the war, Hormel even created a mascot named Slammin’ Spammy. The scowling, bomb-tossing, cartoon pig was painted on planes, depicted on posters and silk-screened onto T-shirts. Oddly enough, Spammy was more upset about the war than the fact that nearly 20,000 of his piggy pals were being slaughtered every day to make the meaty provisions.
  4. SPAM has earned a place in pop culture history partially thanks to the Brits. The canned creation made its television debut on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” in 1970. A collector’s edition Spam — Stinky French Garlic — was introduced to celebrate the opening of “Spamalot” in London. Not shockingly, the stinky Spam tasted far better than anything else in the culinary-challenged country.
  5. Hormel produces 44,000 cans of Spam every single hour. If that sounds like a lot, consider the facts that the canned good is available in 41 countries and comes in 14 varieties. The company hit a milestone in 2007 when it sold its seven billionth can of Spam. Despite what critics may say, the world loves “Swine Parts and More!”

** Fun SPAM Facts copied from http://www.mandatory.com/2012/09/26/10-fascinating-facts-about-spam/5


I present to you…my official entry including recipes:

Spinnin’ SPAM Wheels

(…the Spam appetizer trilogy)


How can you not LOVE Spam?! It has to be the single most versatile product ever and can be used in almost anything; desserts, main courses, appetizers, soups, stews, chilis, sandwiches, burgers, the list goes on and on…not to mention it’s absolutely spam-o-licious! It’s an All American, family friendly product that’s fast, convenient, affordable and simply Spamtastic!


1 Can Turkey SPAM

1 Can Bacon SPAM

3 cans crescent rolls

1 small package frozen spinach, thawed & drained

¼ cup feta cheese

1/8 cup diced crispy bacon bits

1/8 cup diced onion

8 oz. brie

3 tablespoons crushed pineapple, drained

1 can cranberry sauce


Roll out each can of crescent rolls into a separate rectangle (forming three individual rectangles) and pinch seams together to seal. Grate both cans of SPAM keeping flavors separate. Mix spinach, feta, bacon, onions and ½ can of the bacon SPAM. Spread mixture onto one rectangle. Roll up jelly roll style and cut into 1” sections. Place sections on greased baking sheet. Next mix pineapple, brie and remainder of the bacon SPAM. Spread onto the second rectangle. Roll & slice into sections. Place on sheet. Mix cranberry sauce and grated turkey SPAM, spread onto third rectangle, roll and cut into sections. Bake at 375 about 20-30 minutes until golden brown on tops and dough is cooked through.

I like SPAM. Bon appetit’ y’all!