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I happen to know some pretty amazing people. I’ve mentioned that a time or two. I have the most incredible friends, amazing family and all of YOU! I am a blessed woman for sure. Now, I have even more awesomeness in my life…my fellow food bloggers! Y’all, these people have some serious talent and can rock a cucina!

Doesn’t that dish up there ^ look simply fabulous? Don’t you just want to take a huge bite? Sweet roasted peppers with fragrant pesto, blistered cherry tomatoes, spicy corn relish and topped with a tangy feta…I KNOW you want some! I can see your tongue fighting your lips to get out. The original recipe was created by Selma at Selma’s Table. She has some fantastic recipes including this one! And because I love all of you soooooo much, I HAD to share! My version includes a little sweet corn relish, just because I had some to use, but is equally good without it. Check out Selma’s original recipe here and I’m willing to bet you’ll find a ton of deliciousness in the process!


Sweet Peppers with Pesto, Feta and Corn Relish


  • 2 long sweet red peppers (they are sometimes called ‘pointed’)
  • 4 generous tsp pesto
  • 8-10 cherry or mini plum tomatoes
  • 100 g feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup prepared Corn Relish
  • Extra virgin olive oil

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  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 C/350 F.
  2. Before slicing the peppers in half, take a look at them to determine the most sensible side to do this from – they need to sit flat on the tray. Pointed peppers tend to be sort of flat and wide – they have a narrower side which is where they are best sliced from. I find that if I lay one down so that it lies flat and then give it a quarter turn, that is the best place to slice them in half – it gives me two fairly stable and wide halves. After you have sliced them in half, remove the seeds and the white membrane but try and leave the stems on as they look rather pretty. If there are any rogue seeds, hold the pepper half over the sink, cut side facing down and give it a little tap or two with the flat of the knife and the seeds should fly out. Nestle the prepared peppers in a baking dish which will hold them snugly. The tin that I use is 7″ x 10″ (which is 26cm x 17cm) and comfortably holds 4 halves.
  3. Smear 1 generous teaspoon of pesto into each half. Top with corn relish. Slice the tomatoes in half and nestle, cut side down into the corn & pesto – put in as many as you can squeeze in. When I can find them I also use a few yellow cherry tomatoes.
  4. Slice the feta into cubes and divide this evenly over the tomatoes.
  5. Trickle over a little EVOO and pop in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Serve warm as a side with a roast or stew or cold in a lunch box with a salad. This is delicious with a lentil salad and also on toasted slices of baguette


Don’t forget to check out the original recipe at Selma’s Table. I promise you won’t regret it!


Life is too short to eat ugly food y’all.

* Final photo copyright Selma’s Table 2014