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Did you ride the bus to school?

I did. I loved riding the bus. I remember all of the naps where I almost missed my stop; putting my knees on the seat in front of me to do homework so I could have playtime when I got home; and I remember all of the talks I’d have with my best friend. It was the perfect gossip spot.

Most years I had super cool bus drivers. I only had one mean one all through school. She was terrible! She wouldn’t let us talk at all. Ever. She was scary. The fun ones though were AWESOME!

There was this dirt road that had a hill. It was similar to that of a hill you would jump with a dirt bike. Right before the hill we would all squeeze into the far back seats, and Tony would take the bus speed up a notch and jump that hill with the bus! We would bounce up off of the seat and we thought that was the best thing ever! He turned our bus into a thrill ride!

Now before you panic about the safety of the kids, keep in mind the buses back then went all of 40 miles per hour on a paved road! We weren’t going but maybe a whopping 25 mph on that dirt road, being the speed demons we were. No safety risk whatsoever, but a really fun memory.

Thanks for the thrills Tony…you rocked!


Blueberry Pancake Sweet Rolls

  • 2 rolls Pillsbury sheets, or crescent rolls, seams sealed
  • 1 container whipped cream cheese
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries
  • 1/4 cup Tupelo honey, or your favorite honey or syrup

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make sure seams are sealed on your dough. Place one sheet on parchment paper. Attach the second sheet to the first sheet by placing short ends together and sealing seams to make one very long dough sheet.

In a mixer cream sugar and cream cheese. Add fresh blueberries. Mix until well blended. Spread mixture over dough. Roll dough beginning with the short end. Slice dough into equal 8 equal rounds. I find a serrated knife works best to slice through dough.

Place rounds in a greased or parchment paper lined pan with edges touching. Bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes or until dough is done in the center and edges are golden brown. Drizzle warm rolls with honey or syrup. You can also sprinkle with Lavender for a nice addition to the flavor.


Life is too short to eat ugly food y’all.