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I’m a meat and potatoes girl. Are you surprised?

“But M, we see so many photos of delicate things like scallop crudo and smoked Langostine shrimp…” Well, yes. Yes, you do. Here’s the thing. What you may not know is when we have dinners such as this, although fantastic, we usually wind up at late night burger joints at 2am. Hungry.

I say again, I am a stick to your ribs, meat and potatoes girl. Give me real food. My favorite restaurants are those that offer a perfect balance of excellent service, inviting presentation and superb flavor. I want the overall experience and a full, happy tummy. That perfect balance does exist, and you can find it at Marlow’s Tavern.


The many offerings at Marlow’s

This. Now this is a menu. Not to be cliche, but when I say there is something for everyone, there is Something. For. Everyone. Be it craft cocktails, excellent wines or spectacular food, you will find it here.

Marlow’s Tavern features the “Best of the Best” in American tavern fare served in a modern atmosphere. The menu offers a diverse combination of classic dishes that are updated and elevated to a higher level. Marlow’s Tavern has a warm neighborhood yet contemporary feel that is the perfect complement to John Metz’s modern-tavern menu. “We wanted to create an approachable neighborhood spot with Marlow’s Tavern and allow our guests to enjoy great tasting food in a casual and warm environment,” says Metz.


Old Fashion at Marlowe’s

Marlow’s features an open kitchen that invites diners to observe the chefs at work. There are communal tables in the bar and large cozy booths with several flat screen plasma TVs that allow guests to enjoy a variety of shows while they dine. Marlow’s is a meeting place for all seasons with spacious patios that are open year round allowing guests to enjoy cocktails and tavern specials under the stars.


Learning the proper way to drink bourbon & whiskey

Did you know there is a proper way to drink bourbons and whiskey? There is. Who knew? I had no idea. I’ve always used the very elementary “pour and swallow” method.  I am such a bourbon and whiskey girl, I thought I knew everything. Well, I didn’t and I was educated.

It all centers around the quality of spirit, a couple drops of water and how much oxygen you allow while drinking. Not only does Marlow’s provide excellent craft cocktails, they also teach you how to enjoy them. A very special thank you to Torleif for taking time to share his wealth of knowledge.

NOW! Let’s dive into this menu shall we?


Marlow’s Smoke-House Flatbread

Marlow’s Smoke-House Flatbread features Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork basted with Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Jalapeño Jack Cheese, Vine-Ripe Tomatoes, Fresh Scallions and Crispy Tobacco Onions. Some flatbreads tend to lose their appeal when the thin crust becomes too topping heavy and turns a bit mushy. I assure you, there is no mush here. The crust is nice and crispy and the toppings were the perfect amount to offer a very tasty appetizer.


Kickin’ Chicken Verde Soup

Marlow’s Kickin’ Chicken Verde Soup is made with Tender Chicken, Fresh Cilantro, Roast Tomatillos, Fall Sweet Corn and Chili Cream. These are all of my favorite flavors in one bowl. Pure heaven.


Fall of the bone, slap your mama kinda good ribs!

Marlow’s offers a half or full rack of ribs served with their “Two Potato” Potato Salad, Chili-Slathered Corn on the Cob and house made Sweet Corn and Jalapeño Muffins. Ribs are one of my most favorite foods. It took me years to perfect my recipe, but these ribs are simply perfect.


Several sauce options are offered

Four fantastic sauce options are offered for both chicken and ribs. Although all four are winners, I could easily drink the Jack Daniels Glaze.


Marlow’s Drunken Chicken

Marlow’s Drunken Chicken presents Prestige Farms Chicken blazed with Maker’s Mark with Grilled Asparagus, Southern-Fried Mac and Cheese and Chili-Slathered Corn on the Cob. I could eat this for dinner every single night and die a very happy and fulfilled woman. The chicken is so amazingly tender, juicy and packed to the brim with flavor.


Fried Mac & Cheese. This is a real thing y’all.

No words. I can’t even… Just eat this. (Insert moans, groans, euphoric sighs and lip smacking here.)


Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork

Then there was this. Slow Roasted Pulled Pork and Crispy Tobacco Onions basted with Chipotle BBQ Sauce and served on a Buttery Soft Roll with Marlow’s Soon-to-Be-Famous “Two Potato” Potato Salad. Again. I can’t even.


So because we clearly had plenty of room left for dessert (Who am I kidding…there is ALWAYS room for dessert!), we had this.


Bourbon Bread Pudding with Ice Cream

I want to be absolutely certain you see this. I want to be even more certain how adamantly and passionately I express to you that you need this in your life. Possibly on a daily basis. Just. Sinfully. Delicious.

So, to reiterate, I am a meat and potatoes girl. I like stick to your ribs food that is an experience for the eyes, taste buds and tummy. Marlow’s exceeds all the expectations. From their knowledgeable, warm and welcoming staff…


…to the craft cocktails…


…to spectacular foods…


Marlow’s is the perfect balance and the complete package. They’re the real deal.

After a meal at Marlow’s, I promise there will be no need to locate a late night burger joint and I guarantee you will NOT leave hungry! Stop by and hang out a while. Until the next time Marlow’s…Cheers!


Life is too short to eat ugly food y’all.

*Thank you to Marlow’s Tavern for providing all food & beverages for the evening. Although these offerings were complimentary, all thoughts, opinions, words, over indulging and drooling are strictly my own. For more information on Marlow’s Tavern, please visit http://www.marlowstavern.com/.

Click here for a complete listing of Marlow’s locations and hours of operation: http://www.marlowstavern.com/locations