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Does this device look familiar?

This is how my day begins. I don’t really exist until this moment.


I drag myself out of bed, noncoherent and with no resemblance of an intelligent life form. As a matter of fact, one may think I didn’t speak English. Truthfully, I’m closer to Zombie status with no known intelligible speech patterns. Amoeba? Plankton? I deplore alarm clocks. They are my nemesis.

This however, this cup of ambrosial, delicious, alertness is my weapon. This magical elixir is my Monday morning salvation; Nectar of the Gods it is.


Isn’t it interesting how one thing can mean so many different things. As stated, on Mondays, this is my lifeline. My morning wake-up call. But on Saturdays, this is my relaxation. …just sitting on my front porch, in the rocker, in total and complete silence, not a sound uttered other than the songs from the birds nesting in my hanging baskets, the squeak of the rocker, or the faint sound of the neighborhood kids at play. Isn’t it ironic how one cup of warm liquid can present so many images in your mind.

Anything placed at that level of importance…in life support…in relaxation…should begin with a superb product. In this case, an exquisite coffee. A coffee that deserves and has earned the place of honor it holds in most households and office mornings. A coffee that relies more on quality, taste and texture than the status of their advertising budget and branding printed on mugs. A coffee held in the highest regard.

Just a cup of Joe, just a cup of coffee. No. If you want something real, have a cup of Faro Coffee.

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This is the real deal. If your life is as coffee centric as mine, you want this.

You WILL want both the Rose Noire (Black Rose) and the Moka Java. The Rose Noire, has a sensual silkiness that cradles your taste buds while the Moka Java is a direct hit of decadent, dark chocolate.

You probably should get this. In other words, DRINK. THIS.




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