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The best thing about Kindergarten was the cookies.

I mean come on y’all. Admit it. Recess was fun, centers were cool, nap-time was a bore at that age, although I’d gladly give up my right arm for daily nap-time now. But the single best thing about kindergarten was the milk and cookies.

I don’t know what kind of cookies you had growing up, but at our school we had either long coconut wafers or the round, scalloped edged butter cookies that resembled flowers. The coconut ones were ok, but man did I love those butter cookies! They had the perfect amount of crispy, not too sweet and just Mmmm!

Over the years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with cookies. I had pretty much sworn off all cookies except the ones that come straight from my kitchen, my oven. I have an issue with control and you just can’t control the texture or flavor with any other cookie and it’s always so difficult to guess at it while they are in the package; too crispy, too crumbly, too soft, too bland, too sweet, too much of this or that…you know the drill.


…these cookies magically appeared at my door.


In 1983, Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies opened its doors, making spectacular home baked cookies available to the public in simple cookie tins. …Founder, Jimmy Libman, was a dedicated businessman, deaf from birth, but never handicapped by the physical obstacles he faced. Jimmy delivered a great product, and word of his great-tasting cookies soon spread through his loyal and satisfied customers.

Those who know me well, know my mother was also deaf. She suffered through spinal meningitis at the age of 13 and although made a miraculous recovery for those times, lost her hearing during the illness. I immediately had a soft spot for Jimmy.

But how were the cookies? I mean after all, I had sworn off all cookies other than my own.

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These cookies are FABULOUS!

Both the cinnamon and chocolate rugelach have the perfect amount of sweetness with the pastry being tender and moist even after shipping. They are packaged expertly ensuring freshness upon delivery.


The M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies were perfectly baked offering bites of a crispy outer edge with a soft center and crunchy bites of M&Ms. The Rainbow Cookies were absolutely beautiful and reminded me of mama’s fresh baked sugar cookies during the holidays. I am a huge white chocolate chip fan and these one of the best I’ve had.

I was so incredibly impressed by every aspect and attention to detail of Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies from the packaging and shipping, to the freshness of the cookies and best of all, the perfect sweetness and texture.


Gimmee Jimmy’s cookies is proud to bake their cookies fresh, all day, everyday.

  • Spotless Kitchen
  • Freshest All Natural Selected Ingredients
  • No Artificial Anything
  • Kosher Certified
  • Delivered Daily To Fine Restaurants
  • Shipped Fresh Daily Around The World

AND, wait for it….wait for it….

Gimmee Jimmy’s believes in FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS! I would not kid about that.


Come and enjoy our just-baked cookies, cakes and desserts…We’ve been pleasing kids and adults, customers and friends since 1983. 

Gimmee Jimmy’s, this kid right here is SO very pleased. You are welcome on my door step and in my kitchen anytime. My faith has been restored in cookies and I am now your biggest fan.

We just have one more thing to discuss. So, well, um, seeing as I am officially out of the cooking baking business, I believe I need you to GIMMEE more of Jimmy’s Cookies 😉

About Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies

For a complete listing of Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies and baked goods, and to order Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies online or by phone, visit their website: www.gjcookies.com

Gimmee Jimmy’s offers an awesome Customer Loyalty Program as well as Corporate Accounts.

*A special thank you to Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies for providing these wonderful treats. Although the product was complimentary, all ideas, thoughts, swooning and drooling are my own.