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Atlanta Bar Crawls

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Should you have been a 1930s, whiskey swiggin’ flapper girl, or maybe a psychedelic Woodstock hippie of the 70s? Should you have been a 1950s properly “pearled” June Cleaver, or maybe you feel as if you belong in the future with Michael J. Fox’s DeLorean and super powered robots! What was your favorite decade? Where do you belong?

Atlanta Bar Crawls 80s

Sweet Boy and I did something entirely out character. We went 80s bar crawlin’ with Atlanta Bar Crawls! Did we see “Billi Jean”? Were we “Livin’ on a Prayer?” Were we “Survivors”? Or being a girl, did I “…Just Wanna Have Fun”? Were we consumed by a cloud of Aquanet or caught in a web of jelly bracelets?

To find out these answers and more about our awesome adventures with The Atlanta Bar Crawl, click here: www.culinarylocal.com/crawlin-back-to-the-80s/

At the end of the day we were still going strong and hung out a while with some of our 80s brethren. It seems I’m not too old after all. I was reminded age is a state of mind. What a stellar reminder.