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Hey y’all! Guess what!

I am beside myself excited to announce that the incredibly talented, wildly creative and utterly impressive Rob Green, Mixologist Extraordinaire, has claimed a rocker of his own on The Front Porch!

Not only will Rob bring an exciting selection of cocktail recipes, tips and tricks, he will also work hand in hand with us in the kitchen creating innovative and exciting Farm to Table menus and recipes.

Mixologist, Rob Green


The Man, The Mixologist

A 25 year veteran of the bar scene, Rob Green has seen it all from New York City to Baltimore to Atlanta. As the founder of Mix It Up Food & Beverage, Rob has been featured in multiple media outlets for his unique experience as a sought after mixologist.

Rob has created dishes for family and friends for years, and most recently took his healthy eating philosophy to heart by using his cooking skills to help him lose over 80 pounds. The focus for him is to make healthy and flavorful food because…

life is too awesome to eat boring food or sip poor quality cocktails. ~ Rob

Building on his experience as a mixologist, and cultivating his “farm to table” philosophy in his own kitchen, Rob has created a large following at festivals, corporate events, and home parties. For people seeking the highest quality ingredients in cocktails and dishes, Rob has expanded Mix It Up from an exclusive bar service, to a full service catering company for all occasions.

Look for some amazing cocktail and Farm to Table recipes from Rob in the very near future.

Welcome to The Front Porch! We are thrilled you grabbed a rocker!