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Many of you have heard me rave about Marlow’s Tavern. So, if it sounds familiar when I say Marlow’s is one of my favorite bar & grills, you’re right. If it seems like you’ve heard before how much I love their craft cocktails, great selection of wines and local, craft brews, you definitely have. And if you’ve drooled with me over their amazing menu, especially their delicious seasonal menus, now is the time to visit and drool for yourself!

The latest Marlow’s seasonal menu is overflowing with burgers and brews y’all and you do NOT want to miss this one!

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The seasonal menu is for a limited time only and features daily burger and beer special offerings. …like this Brie and bacon burger. Yep. Brie. And. Bacon.

2016-07-26 00.54.112016-07-26 00.55.402016-07-26 00.56.40

…and just in case you need a closer look…

2016-07-26 00.59.102016-07-26 00.58.062016-07-26 01.00.49

I know. I KNOW! If you are a true burger and brew fan, and even if you’re not, this is something you must try. 2016-07-26 01.07.09

Of course there are more great things on their seasonal menu like these deviled eggs…

2016-07-26 00.45.55

…or these loaded, stuffed potato skins!

2016-07-26 00.40.582016-07-26 00.44.30

No burger is really complete without great sides and these fit the bill! How about this charred corn…2016-07-26 01.09.25

…or this red, white and blue potato salad!

2016-07-26 01.08.36

No other dessert would be as perfectly paired with a great burger than ice cream! …in a sandwich. …drizzled with sugary sweet goodness 🙂

2016-07-26 01.09.51

Don’t worry though. All of your regular favorites are still there, including our favorite craft cocktails.

2016-07-26 00.47.092016-07-26 00.47.49

If you want a really great burger, in a really great place, with really, REALLY great people, and if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to head out to Marlow’s, I’d say this is it. THIS WEEK Y’all! When July is over, so is this menu!2016-07-26 01.03.12

*Thank you to Marlow’s Tavern for providing all food & beverages for the evening. Although these offerings were complimentary, all thoughts, opinions, words, over indulging and drooling are strictly my own. For more information and a complete listing of locations and hours of operation, please visit www.marlowstavern.com.