It’s the perfect day to enjoy ravioli! …especially when it involves chocolate 😉

The Front Porch Gourmet


As far back as I can remember, pasta has held a very special place in my life. My first memory of pasta is Chef Boyardee in one compartment of my divider plate and Iceberg lettuce dressed with Miracle Whip in the other. No matter if it was Spaghetti O’s, Roller Coasters or Ravioli with meat sauce, the I LOVED the stuff! Don’t judge.

Even though my love affair with pasta has not wavered, much has changed since my after-school afternoons with Chef B. I’ve exchange the glass of milk for a nice Cabernet, and the Ravioli, well, the Ravioli is a tad bit different. These days I prefer to make pasta from scratch and handcraft a unique, flavorful filling. Much like the ones I created using Dark Chocolate Banner Butter.

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