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There is something very therapeutic about baking bread. When I’ve had a terrible day, there is nothing I enjoy more than coming home and doing just that.

You may think it would be because there’s a special feeling that comes along with feeding your family home-baked goodies. Or you may think it’s because the feel of bread dough is soothing to me and it makes the house smell simply heavenly. Or you may even think it’s because I just like to bake bread. Well. Although all of those thoughts are accurate, that’s not quite the real reason.

Hold on to your socks. The real reason baking bread is so very therapeutic for me is becuase quite frankly, I can beat the ever-loving @#$% out of that dough! I can throw it against walls, I can scream at it and it never screams back, I can pull it, tug it, roll…

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