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In life, you have some folks who gravitate to the mountains and others who gravitate to the sea. I’ve been a water baby from the day I was born and I don’t ever see that changing. I can float in a pool or lake, or jump waves in the ocean for hours upon hours and never want to come in. I’m a true Thalassophile, sea nymph, and lover of all things ocean.

Naturally, one would think as much as I live for long days on a warm, sunshine adorned beach, I would adore seafood. I mean who doesn’t love fresh shucked, briny oysters, a fresh fish catch, or perfectly grilled shrimp? Who doesn’t drool over lobster dripping with warm, drawn butter or mile high crab cakes? Who doesn’t completely loose their mind over perfectly pan seared sea scallops or Ahi tuna poke? To assume I love all of those things, one would be absolutely, indubitably and fabulously correct. My name is Melissa, and I am a seafood junkie.

…and I have found a true seafood gem on the harbor in Destin, Florida.

Click the photo below to read about our experience at one of the best seafood restaurants, hands down, in Destin. fresh from the gulf