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IT IS ONE DAY AWAY Y’ALL! So to celebrate this MOST special occasion, I am offering my MOST published and highly sought after recipe for Fourth Quarter Beaufort Stew! It is a perfect meal for a perfect game.

I like easy.

Bon Appetit y’all!

4th Quarter Beaufort Stew

2 gallons chicken stock
1 container Louisiana Cajon Seasoning
6 large bay leaves
2 large chopped onion
5 lbs. new red potatoes
4 ears of corn cut into thirds
3 pounds andouille sausage
3 pounds craw dads
3 pounds crab legs
5 lbs. extra jumbo shrimp, with peel, no heads

Place stock, seasonings, onion, potatoes, corn and sausage in a large stock pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer and allow to cook about 30 minutes or until potatoes and corn are cooked thoroughly. Add crawdads and crab legs and cook another 10-15 minutes. Add shrimp and cook an additional 5-7 minutes or until shrimp are pink. Allow to cool. To serve, drain and pour contents on a large table covered with plastic cloth.

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