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Come Sit A Spell on the Front Porch at the Hassienda Y’all!

I confess. I have an obsession. My name is Melissa Pelkey-Hass, and I am a foodie.
I am super excited to create this page for y’all about my passion… cooking, wine and FOOD! We’re going to have a great time together discussing everything from planning and preparation of 30 minute weeknight meals to elaborate, five and seven course weekend dinner parties. We’re going to make romantic meals for two and meals that can feed a family of five. We will discuss football season and sports parties in GREAT detail as that is one of my personal favorite subjects, and then to baby and bridal showers and beyond!

We’re going to learn what items are budget friendly, where you can skimp and where you should…ahem…not. We will talk about health friendly foods and their benefits to decadent desserts and how you can grow a pallet garden in a very limited space. We’ll even discuss how to can foods from your garden with recipes like Mama’s Chow Chow to Bread and Butter pickles. After all that, we’ll all sit a spell and have a picnic!

I’ll tell you all about my Mr. Hass Sweet and his take on my kitchen shenanigans, to virtually inviting you to our dinner parties, celebrations and dinners out on the town.

We’re going to explore ideas for fresh and funky breakfasts, amazing appetizers to wow your most special guests, innovative entrees, homemade breads and butters, herbs and spices, spunky sides, and easy crock pot meals! PIES! CAKES! COOKIES, COBBLERS, and ICE CREAM OH MY! Some days we’ll be New York Classy and other days, downhome, Southern and sassy! You name it; I love it all! No topics are off limits here!

Since this page is a two way street and ALL about US, I would LOVE to hear from you! What would like to see featured? What is of interest to you when it comes to meals, planning and preparation? How about 30 minute meals, health conscious recipes, how to repurpose leftovers into brand new meals your family won’t recognize from the night before? Is there something that no one seems to address, and are there things you are just really tired of reading? I want to hear it all! I also want to hear when you’ve tried a recipe, all trials, tribulations and triumphs as TRUST ME, I’ve experienced them ALL from fallen cakes (that make great trifles!) to pots spot welded to the stove! Your stories are safe with me. You can email me at any time with questions or “how tos” and I’ll respond throughout the day. You can even email me a list of what’s in your fridge and pantry and I’ll help you figure out dinner!
So are you ready to come along with me? Let’s get our mixing bowls, whisks and Kitchen Aid mixers ready….this is going to be a fun ride and there’s always a place at the table for YOU!