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There is just nothing more spectacular in the summer than a salad straight from the garden. Fresh ripened veggies and even herbs for dressing can be picked at a moments whim. My favorite selection for my salad “whims” comes in the form of a classic Caprese salad. This takes a total of ten minutes to prepare from garden to table.

I like easy. Bon appetit y’all!


2 garden fresh tomatoes – Sliced

1 ball buffalo mozzarella – Sliced in equal thickness as tomatoes

10-12 fresh Basil leaves

2 tbsp…or more…GOOD Balsamic Vinegar


Alternate tomato and mozzarella slices, topping with fresh Basil and balsamic.

Alternative: For a slightly different flavor, tomatoes, basil and Mozzarella can be sliced, then stacked  alternating tomatoes, Basil & Cheese, wrapped in tin foil and placed on the grill for a great roasted Caprese Salad.