I’m going to do something I rarely ever do. Are you fully seated? OK then. Hold on to your britches with both hands…

I’m going to be mushy.

Yep. I am as shocked as you are. However, the topic we are about to discuss briefly warrants mush. I say briefly because I can only mush for so long. So here goes.

In two weeks The Front Porch Gourmet will be one year old. Can you even believe it? One whole entire year of my life and yours has flown by in the blink of an eye. I think back on all of the wonderful things we have created in the past year and how much time we have spent sharing stories, friendship, “likes” and love. I also think about how lovingly tolerant you have been through all of my rants about Mondays, kitchen purging, things I love, and things that drive me to drink…more.

I think about how this all started and it was all because of you; all of my friends, family and Front Porchers. You lovingly SHOVED me kicking and screaming down the path of food blogdom, and I will forever be grateful and in your debt. You created a way for me to honor the memories of my mama and daddy and to share my love and passion for cooking. You’ve invited me into your kitchen and allowed me to help you prepare warm, nutritious and fun meals for your family. For the past year you’ve trusted me with the people you love the most. I am honored and speechless.

It started with one idea. One love. Through a high school friend, it was given a name. Through friends and family who believed in me and this crazy idea, it has blossomed into a place where hundreds of people now come on a daily basis to hang out, catch up on the latest recipes and just sit a spell. I am so incredibly blessed beyond measure to have each and every one of you hanging out in my kitchen, and sharing my recipes with your families and friends.

I love being a part of your life. I love you being a part of mine. Thank you for the invitation, thank you for a wonderful year and know that there is always a rocker waiting for you…on The Front Porch.

End mush. 😉