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Why are we just standing around?? We only have nine days before Valentine’s Day! The day of love, the day of doting on your significant other, or yourself! The BIG <3-Day Y’all!

I’ve never been known for having much patience and this is no exception. I know I promised you one more salad so you can find that here 😉 But I’m ready to move on! We still have breakfast and desserts to cover and I’m ready to talk entrees; the main dish…for your main dish! <— (giggles)

There would be no other way to begin our Valentine’s Day entrees than with the almighty King of Cattle…the Filet Mignon. Deep Sigh….. I’m already in love.

Click here for recipe: My Winter Love Language | Espresso Rubbed Filet Mignon with Bleu Cheese Mushroom Gravy.