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It’s rare when you find that genuine love for people in a restaurant, but I’ve found it repeatedly at one specific place. It’s constant and never changes. Cheers, step aside. You don’t hold a candle to Marlow’s Tavern. ~FPG

If someone would have told me I would develop an incredible love of cooking and sharing food, I would have laughed in their face. Really loudly. One of those very strange, cartoon character laughs at that. I was the one who spot welded a pot to the stove trying to boil an egg. True Story. You can’t make this stuff up.

Mama on the other hand, well, she loved to cook. Moreso, she loved to feed people. She showed her love for them through sharing her specialties; Baked Ham, Fried Chicken and Gravy, Seven Layer Banana Pudding… her pound cakes. Her meals weren’t just good for your tummy, they were fantastic for your heart and soul.

The Front Porch Gourmet was named after mama. Every Sunday without fail people would show up in droves for a piece of her Sour Cream Pound Cake and a glass of sweet iced tea. The front porch was always full of people rocking and chatting. Mama was always in the midst, with that larger than life, contagious laugh and twinkle in her eyes. She was doing the thing she loved. She was loving people.

It’s rare when you find that genuine love for people in a restaurant, but I’ve found it repeatedly at one specific place. It’s constant and never changes. Cheers, step aside. You don’t hold a candle to Marlow’s Tavern.

LIMITED TIME! Bayou & Bourbon Menu


No matter if you’ve never visited Marlow’s or you’re a regular, NOW is a PERFECT time to visit! For a limited time they are offering their Bayou and Bourbon Menu, and it is bursting with flavor! Most entrees are beyond reasonably priced at under $20 and that is a steal for this menu!


Cocktails | Bourbon Rum Punch & Bourbon St. Lemonade


Although the traditional drink of N’awlins is the Hurricane, I couldn’t pass up the Bourbon Rum Punch. It was spectacular. It was a perfect cocktail for me with a nice boldness of bourbon paired with the sweetness of the rum and nutmeg.


Mr. Sweet opted for the Bourbon Street Lemonade. It had an easy drinkability and was fantastically refreshing. The lemonade is house-made with a New Orleans Original, Southern Comfort®, Lemonade, Kiss of Mint, Fresh Lemon and Lime and a Dash of Simple Syrup. Just what the Doctor Ordered!

The Appetizer | Bayou Lump Crab Dip & Daily Flatbread from the Bayou


Give me cheese please, and that they did. The dip is loaded with lumps of crab, Andouille Sausage, Asiago and Parmesan for a warm and wonderful appetizer.


The flatbread at Marlow’s always has wonderfully fresh ingredients and this was no different. It had the perfect amount of kick and a nice level of spice. If you close your eyes, you’re whisked right away to an easy night on Bourbon on Street.

The Entrees | Sweet Bourbon Street Ribeye & Deconstructed Jambalaya


It does not get any better than this. I’ve written in my last will and testament, a fantastic ribeye and a glass of exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon will be my last meal. The steak was brilliantly executed; a superb flavor and ultimate temperature.

The ribeye is served with fresh asparagus and a delicious, decadent Creamy Crawfish Pie.


This. Was. The. Star. Authentic and Incredible Jambalaya with a superb grilled chicken, Andouille Sausage and the creamiest, well developed Crawfish Creole Sauce. N’awlins would be proud. Very, very proud.

In speaking with Hospitality and Beverage Director Daniel Gardiner, he attributes one of the keys to success with this menu to local product, Bodacious Creole seasoning.

“We like to incorporate quality local products and ingredients anytime we can, especially when they make a real difference in the final dish. A wonderful local resident makes these incredible spices that we enjoy using. We always look for ways to support our community and add an extra flare to our dishes you can’t get anywhere else, ” said Gardiner.


It looks like Miss Victoria agrees!

The Dessert | Honey Bourbon Bread Pudding


This is a staple on the Marlow’s menu and for good reason. It’s one of the best bread puddings you will find anywhere. Made with soaked Cuban bread and a splash of Jack Daniels Honey Bourbon, this is definitely dessert kicked up a notch!

My Overall Experience with Marlow’s Tavern


It’s always a great time having dinner with Marlow’s Tavern.

Marlow’s is one of those places you can go again, again and again, and it’s good every, single, time. From their divine cocktails to the amazing dessert and everything in between, it’s one of my favorite “go to” spots.

Even better than the food is the awesome staff. You never see Daniel anything less than excited about his work, and Victoria always has a hug waiting. Marlow’s is like our very own neighborhood kitchen away from kitchen. That consistency, those smiling faces, and a guaranteed great experience every time you walk in the door is why we go back again and again.

“Cheers” Marlow’s, you are unparalleled.


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*Thank you to Marlow’s Tavern for providing all food & beverages for the evening. Although these offerings were complimentary, all thoughts, opinions, words, over indulging and drooling are strictly my own. For more information and a complete listing of locations and hours of operation, please visit www.marlowstavern.com.