It’s a perfect day for a dip y’all ; )

The Front Porch Gourmet


I need a sign on my front door that reads, “Gone Fishin'”. There is something so relaxing to me about putting a minnow or worm on a hook. Yes, I dig up worms and bait my own hook. I’m a country girl, remember? We do those things.

Growing up we had a small cabin on Lake Murray. It was really more like a shed with a camper attached. I could fit the entire thing in my living room. It always smelled musty and, well, like fish. I was scared to death to go in there alone. Especially to use the little girls room. Daddy hung these native looking, black, totem pole”ish”, headhunter lookin’ face masks along the wall. They were very similar to this one:


See? Totally Exorcist head spinning and pea soup scary! When we were there after dark, I never  made it to the bathroom. One look and I went right…

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