This is a sponsored post. All opinions however, are mine.


I fully admit my extreme jealousy towards my friends who are diligent “couponers”. Although I haven’t been able to fully get into the swing of couponing, I am always up for great savings on the things I do on a regular basis. I am the queen of finding discounts on activities we enjoy when travelling or at home. Groupon Goods is one of my most favorite tools for locating the greatest savings.

Sweet boy and I love to try new adventures. Some of the most fun things we’ve tried were spurred on with discounts from Groupon Goods.

I went back to browse my Groupon account, and it seems I’ve been actively using Groupon deals for almost seven years. We’ve used Groupon deals for camping in the mountains, horseback riding, ziplining, theatre plays, rock concerts, dinners out and more.

We’ve also used Groupon deals for Christmas and birthday gifts, personalized items like mugs, wine bottle sleeves, toys for the grandkids, items for our princess Great Dane Onyx, and more.


Groupons are easy to find and easy to use. The website is user friendly and you can find deals by city which is perfect when travelling for business or on vacation.

I quickly calculated our Groupon savings since I created our account and we have roughly saved over $1500 using Groupons! That’s a pretty substantial savings in my book!

Now…what to do with that extra $1500 I just found 😉