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I cannot begin to tell you how many memories I have of yacht rock. Come on y’all! You can’t tell me you don’t remember the smooth, easy sounds of Ambrosia and Robbie Dupree coming through the radio while laying out in the sun in your two piece bathed in Crisco!

Or better yet, do you remember driving to the mall to get a Chick-fil-a and an Orange Julius because that was the only place they were sold? The windows rolled down, blaring Baby Come Back by Player, and not a single care in the world. Life was carefree. The music, easy. What great times we had.

To this day my husband and I anxiously await summer so Sirius will bring back the Yacht Rock Station, if only for a couple of months. Although we are much older now, the songs never age. They are just as breezy as they ever were, and we are still whisked away to that simpler time when life was…smooth.

Yacht Rock Revival 2016


The Yacht Rock Revival took place at the amazing Park Tavern in Piedmont Park. It’s one of my most favorite venues and it couldn’t have been more perfect for this event.

Bands and musicians for the revival, which was hosted and also headlined by Atlanta’s own Yacht Rock Revue, included Juice Newton, Steven Bishop, Ambrosia, Player, Robbie Dupree, Matthew Wilder and the farewell performance by Starbuck. You could not have paid me to miss this show! The great news is Yacht Rock Revue hosts this as an annual event and always with an amazing lineup of musicians.

Juice Newton


Juice Newton never disappoints! The crowd was entertained by “Playing With the Queen of Hearts” and “Angel of the Morning” along with many of their other hits.



Oh My Gosh who didn’t LOVE Player! I even loved Ron Moss on The Bold and the Beautiful! He is still one super hot man! LOVE the salt & pepper Ron. I also loved hearing “Baby Come Back” live. That was a once in a life time thrill!

matthew wilder


Again, another once in a life time experience hearing Matthew Wilder sing “Break My Stride” in living color! Matthew was also the voice behind another favorite, “The Kid’s American.”

Steven Bishop


What’s not to love about Steven Bishop? He was an unexpected thrill. Steven had the crowd swaying with “On and On”, “It Might Be You”, “Separate Lives”, and more. He is a musical genius.

Farewell Performance by Starbuck


I have to admit, I had never heard of Starbuck before this concert. I had however heard one of their songs. “moonlight Feels right”. They also performed “Lucky Man” and several others for their Final Farewell Show.



Ambrosia. I can’t even. I was like a 12 year old school girl and I completely lost my mind! “The Biggest Part of Me”. “You’re the Only Woman”, “Magical Mystery tour”, and…wait for it…”How Much I Feel” all played right before my loving little ears! I. Just. Can’t. Even.

Yacht Rock Revue


…and then there’s these guys. Yacht Rock Revue. These are the guys responsible for the creation of Yacht Rock Revival. God bless them, every one.

The Yacht Rock Revue™ is the Greatest Show on Surf and the finest tribute to ‘70s light rock to ever perform anywhere.  Ever.  Their spot-on renditions of Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan, and the rest of the Time-LifeInfomercial Catalog have enthralled fans across the United States.  It goes without saying they have taken their act to the high seas, performing showcase sets on music cruises with Weezer, Kid Rock, Train, Zac Brown Band, Sister Hazel, and fitness guru Jillian Michaels.

By blurring the lines between a tribute, an original act, and a comedic troupe, the Yacht Rock Revue™ has forged a unique niche market and a special bond with their fans.  The band attacks each song as if it were their own, and the energy exchanged between the band and the crowd has more in common with a stadium U2 show than that of a typical bar band.

Sweet Boy and I have been to numerous concerts over the past three years and if you have a chance to go… DO. They NEVER disappoint and always take you to a place of fabulous memories. You will not find a better show.

For more information and upcoming concerts with Yacht Rock Revue, click here.

*Thank you to Park Tavern for providing tickets for this amazing concert. Although these offerings were complimentary, all thoughts, opinions, words, over excitement and drooling are strictly my own.


About the Venue – Park Tavern


The original Stone Mountain granite structure of the building was built in 1905 as horse stables for local racing enthusiasts and transformed into the Men’s Club and golf clubhouse in 1928. In 1990 the building was renovated and opened as a restaurant and special events facility. The current owners, Paul and Angela Smith, purchased the building in June 1999 and renamed the restaurant Park Tavern. In 2001 Park Tavern began hosting weddings, corporate and private events in the Piedmont Room—the upstairs event space overlooking Piedmont Park. The Piedmont Garden Tent facility was added in 2004 to provide a unique outdoor garden-style venue for weddings, corporate and private events. Today, the special events team produces almost 200 weddings a year in addition to numerous corporate and social events. Park Tavern, the Piedmont Room and Piedmont Garden Tent facilities have had the honor of hosting several large fundraising events, annual festivals such as Oyster-Crawfish Festival and Lucky Day, and concerts featuring musical talents such as Bon Jovi, Collective Soul and Maroon 5.

To find out more about events at Park Tavern, click here.

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